John Holmwood on open access and philosophies of openness

by andrewgibsonuon

Professor John Holmwood has published an enlightening and incisive blog post on the LSE Impact of Social Sciences Blog about the open access paradox where a philosophy of openness clashes with the market forces of privatisation…

This is how the post begins

“Open access arguments operate within a privatised university sector, where the market serves to maximise the production and distribution of knowledge. John Holmwood looks at how the debate over open access celebrates its contribution to dialogue while ignoring the underlying processes by which the possibility of genuine dialogue over our future is being undermined by the commercialisation of research.”

In this context, please also read John’s blog post on the Making Science Public blog, on open access and MOOCs, as well as Beverley Gibb’s overview of open access literature, Warren Pearce’s post on open access, impact and journals, my own post on transparency, and, also, of course, the dialogue about privatisation between Alex Smith and Bev.