About ISS

The Institute for Science and Society (ISS) is an interdisciplinary research and teaching organisation, based at The University of Nottingham. Our mission is to promote cross-disciplinary research relating to all aspects of science, technology and society; and to act as an international forum for academic discussion and exchange. We are committed to advancing policy, enhancing research and teaching, and stimulating public debate in this area.

No aspect of life in our contemporary world is untouched by science and technology – the food we eat, the way we spend our leisure time, our health care and how we fight wars. Science and Technology Studies investigates how science and technology influences our lives and how we influence scientific and tech innovations. Some of the themes covered by the field include:

  • How are scientific advances actually made and how are they shaped by expectations and visions of the future?
  • How can we understand the role of scientific and technical evidence in policy debates and how do we relate this to values or views of different stakeholders and publics?
  • What might be the unintended consequences of research projects or the implementation of technologies?
  • Do funding agendas influence the conduct of scientific research, and if so, how?
  • How do science and technology influence our sense of identity?

The Institute is built around a core staff experienced in interdisciplinary work in the social sciences and humanities, with close connections across the University of Nottingham in fundamental sciences, engineering, health sciences and veterinary sciences.

ISS continues to extend its international networks in Europe, North America, and, increasingly, Asia, through the University’s pioneering campuses in Malaysia and China.

If you are interested in postgraduate study with us, please contact Professor Brigitte Nerlich.